How do I get access?


There are several ways you can access master plans.  Not all of these ways will work in every city. (For more information, visit this website's  section "EUCCI AND CAMPAIGN" about results of the monitoring study.  Requests were made to 196 cities; responses to these requests are summarized  here.  This information can help you chose the appropriate method for your particular locale.)

- Make a personal visit to your city administration offices.  And, simply ask to see the master plan.

- Send a written request to your city administration.  Write a letter, asking to make an appointment to visit the office, or ask to have a copy sent to you.  Templates for writing these letters are available in the Ukrainian language.  For copies of these, send a request to

- Check your city's website .  See the interactive map on this website's section "CHECK AVAILABILITY OF MASTER PLAN IN EACH UKRAINIAN CITY."  Availability of documents for specific locations is available here.  

Availability on websites. Due to the substantial size of master plans, their publication on websites in electronic format is the most efficient and cheapest way of providing public access to them. However, results of a monitoring study, conducted over the course of three years by the Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives and its partners, shows that only about 15% of Ukrainian cities have made some portions of their master plans open and available to the public in this way.


Generally, the study found that sites show only an insignificant portion of most master plans' textual part.  What are more often shown are the basic provisions and/or the main blueprint for the land use plan. In instances where maps and blueprints are available, these are exceptions rather than the rule. Situations are common where websites do not have a link to the master plan on the city council homepage at all and/or do not have a functional retrieval system.  Finally, if an electronic version of the master plan is available, it is usually a low resolution version and difficult to read.