Master plans are legal acts of the local government.  They specify the mandatory codes for the spatial development of areas and determine the codes for construction projects.


Master plans are approved by the local government.  Approval of plans is done exclusively by local councils.  Development and modifications of plans are submitted for approval to local councils.  The laws in Ukraine that form the basis for these processes are:

- Article 12 of "On the Principles of Urban Development" 

- Article 17 of "On the Regulation Urban Development Activity"

- Article 26 of "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine."


Financing the development of master plans, as a rule, is done through local budgets.  The executive body of the local council is responsible for commissioning the work and defines the project objectives.  The master plans are then developed by specialized organizations, i.e., design institutes that are licensed to perform this type of work. 


Before master planning documents can be changed and before payment is made to the developers, a public hearing about the changes must be conducted.


The Laws of Ukraine provide a basis for challenging violations of urban planning processes:

-  Part 2 of Article 16 "On Regulation of Urban Development Activity" says that updates can be made to planning documentation. Updates can include cartographic and geodetic information, transferring information from paper to digital form, and bringing planning documentation into compliance with legislation about urban development, building codes, and state standards and regulations.

-  Parts and 9 and 10 of Article 17, "On the Regulation of Urban Activity" states that changes to master plans may be made at least every five years. These changes are to be made by the local council which endorsed the master plan.