About this website

http://cityplan.in.uawas developed as a vehicle to inform about the important topic of urban planning efforts in communities.

Through this website, we inform citizens about why this topic is important for the quality of life for ordinary citizens in cities throughout Ukraine. 

This website is also a vehicle to share information about EUCCI's efforts, and those of its partner organizations.  EUCCI works to reform the processes used in Ukraine for conducting urban planning efforts by increasing citizen involvement and by procuring access to public information that citizens have a legal right to.

This website is organized so information is accessible to citizens, activists, and government officials.  

Information is routinely updated.   The website is dynamic – not only is information added by EUCCI, but partner organizations and visitors can contribute by submitting blog posts and uploading documents, pictures, and event information. 

More information is available on the Ukrainian language version of the website.  There are more announcements, more news articles, and more published materials available for downloading.  While not perfect, we have found that Google Translate provides serviceable translations.

Comments for improvements about the effectiveness of this website are welcomed.  Send feedback to planmista@gmail.com.