Dnipropetrovsk's Master Plan has been Declassified as the Result of a Lawsuit Filed in the European District Court

Dnipropetrovsk's Master Plan has been Declassified as the Result of a Lawsuit Filed in the European District Court

Availability of Dnipropetrovsk's master plan at City Hall has been made possible by the main planning authority of the City Council.

The current master plan for Dnipropetrovsk was approved in 2007 and was enacted in March 2008, as reported on www.056.ua, a website for the City of Dnipropretrovsk. A draft of the plan was developed by Hyprograd, a national Ukrainian organization also known as the Y.M. Belokonia State Scientific Research Institute of Urban Design in Kiev. Some materials in the plan were specified by the developer as "For Official Use Only."

By order of the City Council, and working with specialists from Hyprograd, schematic drawings were prepared in which did not include proprietary information. These schematic drawings of the master plan are available on the City Council's website and in the offices of the Planning Authority of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council.

The full plan (without the ability to copy it) can be found in GlavAPU. For this purpose, management prepared a suitable working place in accordance with the requirements of the Instruction "On the Procedure for the Registration, Storage, and Use of Documents, Files, Books, and Other Tangible Media Containing Confidential Information," which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 27.11.1998 № 1893.

A master plan is the main planning documentation at the local level designed to support the long-term strategy for planning and development of the municipality.

Recall, as previously reported, the Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights to recognize the wrongful secret classification of the master plan of Dnipropetrovsk. According to the complaint filed with the court, the Dnipropetrovsk City Council illegally denied the right of access to this public information.

Source: "Faces"

The activities of the Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives are aimed at ensuring the availability of comprehensive city plans for citizens. This work is part of the project, "Final Steps for Access to General Plans of the City for Citizens of Ukraine and Advocacy Support for the Declassification of Comprehensive City Plans and the Elimination of Corruption in Urban Planning." The work is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation's Rule of Law Program and is also supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


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